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Here is the next Wellness Retreat Workshop In Ericeira, OCT 2024

Located in the heart of beautiful town of Ericeira, with the sea views, private and shared rooms, healthy meals, yoga, relaxation, beach and town visits, Wellness workshops with Dr. Ellie Wright



The name Doctor comes from Latin “Docere” which means to teach. And it is my mission to education people on how to improve and revitalized their health. Through International retreats and workshops I am creating the opportunity to share the knowledge and culture of health. In my workshops I bring many years of clinical experience as Physician working with chronic conditions.

I conduct group sessions in hypnotherapy and teach how to overcome fears as path to spiritual growth and increase self-love with compassion and acceptance. Because healing is connecting to oneself I help encourage and facilitate creating those interior connections. Helping people strengthen their soul to the present moment and tune in their inner guidance.

Retreat in Ericeira, Portugal 2023


Workshop topics for Retreats


Therapeutic yoga: improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and digestion
Environmental Detox: mold & heavy metal
Improving  Healthy bone& Joints
Life transitions:Menopause & hormones
Nutrients for Mental Health
Botanical medicine for happiness
Depression & Thankfulness
Weight & Cravings



English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese

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 Online WORKSHOP: mold, heavy metal, hormones and histamine

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