Dr. Ellie Wright NMD, CHT


Dr Ellie Wright has a passion for natural medicine and over the years presented around the world. She extracted the knowledge from her research and implemented in her medicine. Her favorite treatments are aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, hypnosis, phytotherapy. These therapies bring the wisdom and healing from the  plants,water, earth, and sun. Hypnosis or transformational guided therapy uses the power of positive affirmations, faith, relaxation, and metaphors.




Dr. Wright’s International Presentations and Research

  • Saffron Spices for Mental Health”  International Psychology Applications”,Conference and Trends, InPact, 22-24 April 2023, Portugal
  • Increasing the Effectiveness of Immune System by Reducing Cellular Entropy”, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), 2022
  • Analyzing the epigenetic regulation through chromatin modifiers in phytochemicals for clinical applications” EMBL Conference on: From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology, 2020, Heidelberg, Germany (virtual)
  • Reducing the usage of pain medication through Naturopathic Approach in Mental Health” 2nd Global Conference on Physiotherapy, August 2019, Prague, Czech Republic
  • “Deficiency in Vitamin D3 and Calcium and the associated comorbidities in overweight children” 10th International Conference on Childhood Obesity and Nutrition, 2017, Rome, Italy
  • “Childhood obesity: the relations between fatty acids, gut microbiota and low grade inflammation” 10th International Conference on Childhood Obesity and Nutrition, 2017, Rome, Italy
  • “Anti-depressive effects of natural polyphenols: Resveratrol and Curcumin” “Nourish the brain: Omega-3 fatty acids improve and prevent neurodegenerative disease” 6th World Congress on Psychiatry & Psychological Syndromes, 2017, Las Vegas
  • “Mindfulness, Brainwaves and Happiness” 17th World Summit on Positive Psychology Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Science, 2017, Toronto, Canada
  • ”Biochemical effects of pomegranates on breast cancer” 2nd Congress on Breast Cancer, 2016, Phoenix, USA

Certifications and trainings:

  •  Genetics and Genomics Certification, University of Stanford
  •  Nutritional Genomics Training Program, American Nutrition Association
  •  Mastering Brain Chemistry, Walsh Research Institute
  •  Copper and Zinc Imbalances in Mental Disorders, Walsh Research Institute
  •  Clinical use of Peptides and Peptides therapies, Age Management Medicine Group
  •   Nutrigenomics: Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition, Dietitions of Canada
  •   NutriGenetic Certification,  Nutrigenetic Research Institute
  •   Managing relative nutritional deficiencies associated with centrally acting monoamines,    NeuroResearch

Current professional affiliations:

  • Member of Society of Portuguese Integrative Medicine
  • Member of Spanish Society of Microimmunotherapie
  • ISEAI (International Society for Environmental Acquired Illnesses)
  • Member of American Hypnosis Association
  • Member of American Council of Hypnotist Examiner





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