Anthroposophical medicine

Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) has been the founder of the anthroposophic medicine and his anthroposophic concepts permeates many other fields. He referred to his work as anthroposophy or spiritual science. He was an accomplished painter, sculptor, architect and writer. His intuitive thinking led to anthroposophic medicine which has been implemented by many research institutes, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in Europe. His writing challenges us to change profoundly our ways. He provides us with a mental discipline of thinking and observational path to get us to experience the world at a deeper level. He invites all of us towards gaining a true understanding of nature of mankind and a healthy integration of mankind in the nature. This medicine integrates modalities from gemmotherapy, phytotherapy, nutrition therapy, homeopathic, medicinal bath, and eurythmy.

My approach

As a member of Society of Physicians of Naturopathic Anthroposophy and International Society of Anthroposophic Naturopathy, my approach is to promote an environment for connecting inner life with outer world and incorporating concepts of macrocosmos and microcosmos for self-healing.

I love Rudolf Steiner’s medicine because he redefined medicine and challenged us to think different. From macrocosmos to microcosmos we have same patterns that lead to self-healing and all the answers are in connection with nature. All the nature, plants, minerals, natural substance created by our Creator are there to give us the medicine we need. From the homeopathy principle “like cures like” in other words it is the principle that makes cure. This medicine is matching, nourishing, and modulating the system and not antagonist to our system. I believe it our right to find health and happiness and health and happiness should be free. As healing is cosmic and divine I wish everyone this gift.

What is UNDA?

UNDA Numbered Compounds are formulated with both plants and metals constituents to act organotropic and energetic level. The synergistic effect is based on the integrated principles and theories of Anthroposophical Medicine, Oligotherapy, botany, Traditional Chinese Medicine that target specific organs to facilitate the drainage of the toxins.

UNDA Numbered Compounds are key in Biotherapeutic Drainage or cellular detox. Unda company is based in Belgium and makes homeopathic products that support immune, lymphatic and endocrine system. UNDA products includes Numbered Compounds, Gemmmotherapy macerates, Schessler Tissue Salts, Organotherapy, PLexes, Gammadyn Oligo Elements


Samuel Hahnemann himself, the founder of Homeopathy, often used initial targeted remedies to clear the symptom picture before going on to prescribe more specific remedies.

The remedies are a combination of plant remedies in homeopathic dilution, usually 3x to 6x, that have an affinity for specific organ systems. At that potency, you can still taste the plant, so each remedy has a distinct taste or taste less because of highly dilution.

Gemmotherapy use embryonic plant tissue extracts that stimulate organ system toxin elimination. This therapy comes from Europe and uses fresh buds or shoot of plants.


“Understanding life from within, because all life originates from the spirit.” Anthroposophic Society

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