Hormonal Imbalance
Progesterone deficiency associated to painful menstruation, PMS and ovarian cysts formation. Estrogen deficiency associated with unpleasant complaints such as in Menopause, sleep disorders and emotional depressive disorders.
Synthetic Hormone Therapy or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HT) was thought to be a solution for many years but unfortunately the research shows that increase hormonal cancer risks. Due to the molecular structural difference, synthetic hormones can cause a miss communication problems on a cellular level. HT is associated with an increased risk for a number of diseases, including stroke, thromboembolic events, gall-bladder diseases, and breast cancer. HT therapy and Bioidentical hormones seems to activate the same type of hormones receptors “A” in breast and uterus. HT and Bioidentical hormones usage is not recommended when there is history of breast cancer.

My approach
My approach is with Plant based phyotoestrogens that activate receptors “B” found in everywhere else such as in the skin and brain and has less risk for increasing hormonal cancer. Vitex (chest berry tree) is a phytoprogesterone that supports progesterone levels. Phytoprogesterone has very calming effects and the sleep quality increases with it. It is important to do a hormonal testing first and work on the balance estrogen/progesterone to avoid estrogen dominance.

Plant based hormonal benefits

Support for psychological level
Significant improvement on depressive moods and anxiety
Support for musculoskeletal system and bones
Supports in bone density in the case of osteoporosis
Supports of muscular strength
Improvement of overall mobility in the case of arthrosis and inflammation
Support for the skin
Improvements in skin dryness and structure of mucous membranes

Nutrigenetic approach to health testing sample:Practitioner Appendix – Hormone Panel