ZeoBentMED = Zeolite + Bentonite

Here you can get clinoptilolite zeolite and montmorillonite bentonite ready-mixed as ZeoBentMED powder and capsules for internal use as quality tested and CE-certified medical devices.

Zeolite and bentonite must meet the high quality criteria of the European and German Pharmacopoeia, especially with regard to microbial purity and pollutant load. In order to guarantee this, our minerals for detoxification are tested for their safety and effect in state-approved (accredited) German testing laboratories and are continuously monitored.

The ZeoBentMED mixture combines the properties of zeolite and bentonite. Experience has shown that both minerals complement and reinforce each other in their effect. The zeolite contained high selective adsorption capacity and molecular sieve function against various pollutants. The contained bentonite also has these properties. Its special feature is its gel protection film which, when applied internally, can have a calming effect on sensitive gastrointestinal mucosa in particular for their ability to bind aluminium, lead, mercury, cadmium, ammonium and histamine. Capsules are easy to dose and, due to their simple and practical application, ideal for on the go.

One capsule contains approx. 500 mg of our ZeoBentMED Detox ultra-fine Powder mixture of 50% ultra-fine clinoptilolite zeolite with an average grain size of approx. 7 micrometers and 50% montmorillonite bentonite with approx. 16 micrometers. No additives, no admixtures.